Welcome to the Olde Zwarver website

D'Olde Mill Zwarver stands on a beautiful spot along the river IJssel Kampen in the historic city. Almost 175 years ago and moved in 1952 to its current location. Hence the name "D'Olde Zwarver". Since the 70s of last century millers voluntarily keep this "living" cultural heritage spinning and grinding. There is wheat, rye, and the region in the converted spelled milled. In the context of cultural and historical education mill participates in the project Art and Family Camps in the town and the mill is regularly visited by local and regional primary schools, secondary schools, but also tourists.

Proud to be said that D'Olde Zwarver a face defining industrial heritage that provides crafts and historical education.

Opening hours

Visiting address: IJsseldijk 92 - Kampen
Opening hours:
Every Saturday: 09:00 to 12:00
During the opening hours, the windmill is available on the phone: 038-3329510. Email Contact